XAMPP security

This page gives you a quick overview about the security status of your XAMPP installation. (Please continue reading after the table.)



These XAMPP pages are accessible by network for everyone UNSECURE  
Every XAMPP demo page you are right now looking at is accessible for everyone over network. Everyone who knows your IP address can see these pages.
The phpMyAdmin user pma has no password UNKNOWN  
phpMyAdmin saves your preferences in an extra MySQL database. To access this data phpMyAdmin uses the special user pma. This user has in the default installation no password set and to avoid any security problems you should give him a passwort.
The MySQL user root has no password UNKNOWN  
Every local user on Linux box can access your MySQL database with administrator rights. You should set a password.
The FTP password for user nobody is no langer 'lampp' SECURE  

The green marked points are secure; the red marked points are definitively unsecure and the yellow marked points couldn't be checked (for example because the sofware to check isn't running).

To fix or close all these matters simply call

/opt/lampp/lampp security

This will start an interactive program.